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Yep I like to garden – flowers, veggies, dirt, weeds…the whole bit.  I come from a family of gardeners – its in my blood that’s for sure.  I have fond memories of snapping green beans, my dad’s salsa cooking on the stove (the best salsa in the world by the way) and helping mom plant impatiens in the front yard.  I didn’t really realize the extent of my passion for it until I had my own place…and it only continues to grow (um yea…no pun intended). 

In 2011 I expanded my veggie garden from a small in-the-ground plot to eight 4’x8′ raised beds made out of cedar in my backyard for a new kitchen garden.  I spend a lot of time in the garden….like a lot!  I pretty much can’t stay out of it…..wandering the paths between beds, checking out whats new and pulling weeds.  I’m sure the neighbors think I’m a bit of a whack job!

If I’m not in the garden I’m checking up on my herbs, flower pots, my flower bed and all the other shrubs and plants around the house. 

I’m in Zone 5 so my garden season is somewhat short, usually from April to October.  In the winter you can find me in total hibernation.  Winter and I just have a serious dislike for each other.  It does get better starting late winter when the garden planning and indoor seed starting can begin.  I usually start heirloom tomatoes and herbs by seed with a grow light setup in my basement….but hope to expand to more in the future.

Anyways I’m quite proud to be part of this growing group of young gardeners (I’m in my upper 20s and will remain there for life by the way) and hope that I can inspire others…young and old…to put a little more gardening into your life!

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