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Late April Garden

April 22, 2012

Here’s a tour of some notables in my yard and garden as we enter this last full week of April in 2012.

My ‘Mandarin Lights’ azalea is blooming.  Love these blooms, but overall this guy hasn’t grown up much…I’m thinking a move is in its future.

Mandarin Lights Azalea

Purple salvia, I think it’s ‘May Night’ is a blooming already.  Does anyone else think this stuff reeks? Deadheading this stuff is not my favorite summer chore.

Purple Salvia

Peonies all over town, including mine are getting ready for their blooms.  Love me a good peony bouquet.

Red peony bud

The chives are all budded out too.

Chives budding

The broccoli is still managing…even after last weekend’s hail damage.

broccoli in the garden

The non-planted one’s were much happier as they survived the storm inside.  Read about these here.

broccoli transplants

A quick taste of spinach and arugula tells me some yummy salads and greens on my sandwiches are in the near future.

Radish, arugula, spinach in the garden

How are things at your place?

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