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A Bit of Rain in the Garden

April 15, 2012

As in… a bit of rain that creates Flash Flood Warnings.

Or a bit of rain that gives everyone a swimming pool in their back yard.

Or a bit or rain from a storm that makes the power go out for an hour.  In return makes me super bored and before you know it I eat 7/8ths of a pizza…by myself.  I am never allowed to do that again – misery.

Above is round numero one from yesterday’s Midwest storms at my place.  That’s small hail in the beds that have yet to be prepped and/or planted.

Round two.  Check out the grand new water feature in the background at our neighbor’s place.

This is a shot this morning…after Round 3 that was around 3:30AM.  Must have been a windy one – check out the flattened onions in front and the garbage can on the right.

Fortunately I don’t see any major damage around.  In a nearby town a tornado hit a hospital and college area…I think everyone is okay but hate to see them have to deal with all the damage.  Not cool.

I hope you all stayed safe and have a fabulous time cleaning water out of  your basements.  I may never move…not even a trickle in ours.  🙂

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  1. Teresa Stakey permalink
    April 15, 2012 11:17 am

    Yikes! So glad to hear your basement is dry and all is good. Very scary!

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