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A Yoga Moment

April 13, 2012

If you know me, you know I do yoga and it’s become a big part of my life.   I talk about it sometimes…like here, here and here.

I wanted to share one my recent ‘yoga moments’:

A few weeks back I had two Saturday morning yoga classes on my agenda to teach.  Since it was a spring break weekend, I wasn’t expecting any of my usual attendees at my later ‘gentle’ style class.

The second the clock turned past the class start time, I closed the door to the room and laid out my mat to take an hour and do my own practice.  At home I practice on a hard surface floor only found in a hallway, which can be limited on space.  The fact that I had the fitness room at my local fitness center all to myself with ample room to move was rather exciting.  I was looking forward to a great practice.

About fifteen minutes in, I felt really great – my breath and movement were synced and strong.  Things were good.  Then the door opened and an older (my guess is 70s-ish) woman walked in.  I stopped my practice and asked if I could help her, expecting her to be looking for anyone in the building to help out with something.  Instead she said that she was here for yoga.  A bit shocked I replied, “Well class actually starts at 10:15 (it was just past 10:30am), would you like to come back next time?”  In my head I was like…really lady!? can’t you see I’m having an awesome practice right now?

Seated Widespread Forward Bend

image from

Her reply, in a not-so-warm tone or face was, “I can’t, I have genealogy class next time.”  So I offered to go ahead and take her through a sequence and she agreed – again not so friendly though.  I turned around and with my back to her, I was muttering under my breath things like “I don’t want to do this, things were going just fine”…you get the point.

Annoyed that this lady had interrupted my personal practice and somewhat nervous as I’ve never done yoga with anyone her age, I laid out a mat for her right next to mine .  We then both sat down on our mats.

Beginning with a gentle hip opener, we sat in Easy Seat and then both gently folded forward.   Coming back up I directed her to take an Easy Twist to the right.  As I twisted to the right to demonstrate, the power of yoga hit me.  On my mat I become present with each breath, each moment.  And in that moment I decided that my attitude would change and I would make the best of this situation that just moments ago I was dreading.

I became open to sharing yoga with this woman. Rather than thinking how the situation had stopped me from improving my Widespread Splits, I now was completely in the moment and ready to demonstrate and describe each pose.  I turned back towards her and smiled warmly and I could just see her relax and feel more at ease.  We then did a very gentle Seated Forward Bend, and as I looked over my smile got even wider as she was not too far from reaching her forehead to her legs.  Holy flexible!

We continued through a practice together and ended up having some nice conversation.  She even told me she would be back next time and that the genealogy group would just have to wait on her.  And she did come back.

I call this one of my ‘Yoga Moments’.  My yoga practice has taught me how to make the best of situations and that with each passing moment I am the one that dictates how those moments act and feel.  That my friends is an awesome thing.

When you are able to do this you have many, many wonderful moments everyday.  Before you know it life becomes 100 times more awesome than you ever thought.

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  1. April 13, 2012 8:47 pm

    Excellent post. I love the yoga class in our little small town. Right now, our classes are small — just three or four of us regulars. I’m so thankful that our instructor still teaches the class, even if I’m the only one who shows up that night. You’re doing a good thing by teaching others!

    • April 15, 2012 7:43 am

      Thank you! And small yoga classes are the best! I’m really looking forward to this spring/summer, as I’ll be teaching ‘Yoga at the Farm’…if you’re ever in the area, you should join us. 🙂 Info here:

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