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Starting Seeds – Germination

March 18, 2012

Last weekend I started some broccoli and leek seeds as described here.

On Wednesday evening I checked on my dear seedlings in the basement and had several broccoli seeds that had germinated.  I thought…I’ll give it one more day on the heating pad for more germination chances.

By Thursday, I had 100% broccoli germination….and some leggy little seedlings.

broccoli seedlings

Too leggy for my preference, but I have no doubt they will grow up just fine.  These are leggy because as soon as those seeds sprout up, they are reaching for light, and since I didn’t get these under my grow lights right away…they grew tall.

On Thursday evening I moved these under my homemade grow lights.  My lights consist of 4 foot shop lights with one cool and one warm fluorescent bulb.  The goal is to place the seedlings as close to the lights as possible, without actually touching the bulbs.

Over this weekend the leeks began to germinate as well…not quite at 100% though.

Now I’ll wait until the seeds grow their first ‘true’ leaves and then we transplant into larger containers (getting to the fun stuff!).


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