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Sunny Sunday

February 12, 2012

I absolutely love my house in the morning.  Between about 7:30 and 9:30am  the house is engulfed in rays of sunshine.  Instant mood booster.

I’m a sucker for bright and airy homes.  My dream home might just have walls of windows, with blinds of course…that might get a little creepy.

The sun filtering in is almost just as good as being outside…I suppose that’s why I love it so much.  Today I’ll actually take the sunshine inside as it’s a balmy -4 degrees out right now.  That’s not even brrr, that’s ouch.

I brought that forsythia branch in about two weekends ago when the weather here was unusually warm.  Plopped in some water it took about a week and a half to bloom.  Makes me smile.

Although what doesn’t make me smile is the fact that it kind of made me break my camera.  I had the camera sitting on a small tripod on top of the table and the darn thing must have slowly been losing grip.  It suddenly fell over and then my sweet little camera tumbled to the floor.

Thank goodness for warranty, as I’m able to get a replacement.  If you’ve noticed the recent lack of new and decent pictures…that’s why.  I’m baking today and it just about kills me to not have a camera around.  Ahh, the ups and downs of a blogger.  🙂

How about a sunny picture of some fruit instead?  Don’t you just want to stick your hand in that shot?  You know that counter top will feel so nice and warm.

Jag is just as crazy about the sunshine as I am.  Man if only I could get up on the table and wallow in that sunshine like he does.

Btw – don’t tell Tyler he was up there.  😉

Happy Sunny Sunday.

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