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The Work in the Garden Itch

January 29, 2012

Rather than having the ‘gardening planning’ itch during this insanely mild winter, I have the ‘work in the garden’ itch.  Barely a speck of snow on the ground, sun shining and fairly warm temperatures have me convinced that I need to be productive outside.

Henry’s got it too.

But the problem is that there’s really not a whole lot to do yet.

But wait.  I’m a garden geek so that’s really not true, I can totally find something to do.

And I did.  Hehe.

Remember the apple and cherry tree  I planted just before fall?

Well I rounded up a notebook, some string and a tape measure and went out for some garden data collection for future growth analysis.  Sound like a fun activity for a Saturday afternoon?  Is it weird that I think it does?  Don’t answer that.

Measuring a foot up off the ground along the trunk of the fruit trees, I recorded the distance around the trunk.  Since the trees are still quite young, I then measured the total height of the tree from the tip of the tallest branch to the ground.  I also left the green string tied around the tree at 1 foot high to get an easy read of how tall the tree might grow over the next few months.

Honeycrisp tree:

3.75 inches around

8 foot 9 inches tall

North Star Cherry tree:

5.75 inches around

7 foot tall

My plan is to re-measure everything come spring or when garden season really starts to kick in.  Or when I can’t stand it anymore and have to go do some “garden work”.  I’m also hoping to beef up my overall garden record keeping – though this blog is supposed to do much of that for me.  🙂

Do you keep much of a garden record or diary with collected data on how things have been growing?  What kind of data do you collect and how do you record it?  

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