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DIY: Garden-Inspired Christmas Hydrangeas

December 7, 2011

Pinterest is addictive right?  But you know what, I find such good ideas on that site and I really LOVE looking at grade A photos.  Though I’m guessing that’s not at the top of your priority list, if you’re reading my blog.   I’m learning but photog, is just not my best skill.

This post is no exception.  Someone please add a lightbox to my Xmas list.

Anyways, I have this Pinterest board called Garden-Inspired Christmas that has been a nice inspiration on adding some ‘garden’ touches to my holiday decor this year.

So here’s one of my quick projects using dried hydrangeas from my garden.

You’ll notice the dried bunch on the right is much more faded than the bunch on left.  The bunch on the right is from last season and slowly has lost their rich, pink hues.  With a fresh new bunch of dried hydrangeas to replace in my wine bottle vase, I figured a coat of spray paint might make the old bunch a little more festive.

Dried hydrangeas

I purchased a can of metallic red spray paint and sprayed they petals with very light and quick bursts of paint.  If you hold the sprayer down for more than a couple of seconds you might create too much air pressure, resulting in many little petals getting blown all over the place.

spray painting hydrangeas

I went for about 90-95% coverage as I wanted to go for a softer look.  After allowing to completely dry, I plopped them into a pretty vase with some burlap.

Christmas hydrangea vase

Wah…la.  A nice little garden-inspired Christmas decor addition.

Red painted hydrangeas

Any garden-inspired holiday projects this year? 

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