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One of Those Days

December 5, 2011
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Just kidding.

Kind of.

Do you ever have those weeks where you need to be transported to a tropical island…like stat? I can’t even say that I’m overly busy this week, but everything just seems kind of overwhelming.  Jamaica sounds pretty dang great right now.

I’m hosting a cookie exchange this weekend, so I guess I do have some more cleaning and food prep than usual. Plus I decided to do a bajillion last-minute little projects. Kind of like this one.

Old window. Burlap. Photos from the garden.

Window frame with food photos

I’ve also slacked on exercise (read: yoga & walking) last week and this weekend.  Though I feel it in my body, it’s my mind that really suffers.  I feel, bleh or just plain dumb you could say.  Gentle yoga  helped tonight, though.

Unfortunately it’s not likely I’ll be getting much more exercise in these next few days.  I did an awesome, bang up (literally) job on my fourth toe, Sunday afternoon.  Black, blue and fat.  Ouch.

Who put those stinking decorative wall thingies there anyways?  Oh that was me, whoops.  Do you know how much you rely on your fourth toe?  Apparently a lot…I’m as slow as frozen molasses.

Imagine a slow-toed gal in the grocery store with big list at 5pm.  More craziness for my already dragging brain.  I think I’ll be relying on my trusty crock pot to help me through the week.

Roast in crockpot

Also, it is frigid outside.  I want my garden, please!!!!  Can’t you just feel the sunshine?

No?  Yeah me neither.  Stupid winter.

Last thing…I think I might sleep on my yoga mat tonight.  I can’t even tell you how awesome being on my mat makes me feel.  Even with a bum toe, I think it’s where I need to hang this week.

my yoga mat

You know, so I don’t do all this crazy ranting on here too often.  It’s best for everyone.  🙂

What crock pot recipes do you turn to when you’re having one of ‘those’ weeks? 

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