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A Gardener’s Christmas Wish List

December 1, 2011

Anybody have their holiday shopping done yet?   Anyone?  Me?  Not even close.  Thank goodness for online shopping or I’d have not even started or even had a clue of what to buy.

If you’re shopping for a gardener or making up your own garden wish list, I’ve compiled a list of some sweet gardening gifts that I know I wouldn’t mind getting this year from dear ‘ol Santa (hint, hint).

Continuing Education: I love to give books as gifts and not many books look nicer on your bookshelf than one about gardening.

1.  The Heirloom Life Gardener by Baker Creek’s Jere & Emilee Gettle is probably the gardening book of the year.  If it’s anything like their gorgeous catalogs, this is coffee table worthy.

2.  Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook looks like a great resource to keep us gardener’s on track, helping us reach our full potential for the season.

Brighten Up the Garden: Instead of gifting the typical green hose or standard gardening accessories, why not spice it up with some fun colors.

3.  Colorful Tubtrug – I have one in pink and pistachio and love them.  These are one of those items you can never have enough of.

4.  Colorful Twine Gift Pack – Love these!  Imagine all the color-coding you could do in the garden.  I could see using this twine all over my house and garden.

5.  Super Slim Coil Hoses – I absolutely loathe winding up the garden hose.  The hose and I have never made friends.  This looks like the perfect fix and pretty too.

Go Green:  More and more gardeners are trying to be green by using sustainable methods for their gardening activities.

5.  Rain Barrel – These can be pricey (why I’ve yet to get myself one), but if you’re handy and have access to a large barrel they can be made pretty easily.  The decorative one’s like the one pictured make for something a little more visually interesting near your gutter.

6.  Moo Poo Tea – Yes, poo.  Why not?  It could kind of be a funny joke for you to gift someone a box of sh*t.  But they’d actually receive a very nice organic product that is said to really boost your garden.  I’m definitely trying this product next season.

7.  Heirloom & Organic seeds – You could make a gift basket of seeds that are heirloom and certified USDA organic.  I’d recommend seed packets from Seed Saver’s Exchange.  Not sure what they grow?  Stick with vegetables and flowers  that get directly seeded into the garden.

For the Yogi:  Many yoga practitioners might already have a buddha statue hanging out in the garden, but chimes can be a nice addition too.

8.  Chakra Flag Chimes – These chimes look like they could add some great color, sound and energy to anyone’s garden.

Wine Lover:  Know someone who likes their wine and maybe even a glass or two near the garden?Garden Gifts for Winos

9.  Faucet Handle Wine Bottler Stoppers – Way cute.

10.  Wine Bottle Tree – These things are popping up everywhere, you could buy one or find some materials to recycle and build your own.  My aunt and uncle have a huge one in their yard made from I assume an old telephone pole.

11.  Afterglow Garden Stake – These stakes let you use wine bottles as an outdoor torch-light throughout the garden.  Would be a great complement to a nearby bottle tree. 🙂

For the Gardener who has everything:  Something artistic, homemade or simply practical can be perfect for this person.

Gifts for the Gardener with Everything

12.  Butterfly Puddler – This sand-and-water puddler will attract butterflies to the garden.  It’s pretty too!

13.  Garden Photo Art – I was really pleased with how my recent diy project turned out with photos from my garden.  I’m thinking of gifting some framed images this year.

14.  Gardening Gloves – I really don’t think a gardener can have too many gloves.  We either destroy quickly or wear out over time or lose them (that’s me).  I like the Nitrile-type gloves since they are so fitted they don’t get in my way.

Just ‘Cause:  Maybe it’s exactly what they asked for.  (I put this on my Xmas list).

15.  Garden Hod – I love my Tubtrugs and old grocery sacks work just fine, but I’d love to harvest and clean in the same container.

So there you go – 15 gift ideas for that gardener in your life…even if that gardener is you!  Enjoy your holiday season.

*Note*  I picked these ideas out all by myself and any comments on the above products are just my own opinions.

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