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DIY: Garden Photo Art

November 28, 2011

Early this summer I bought 8 frames that were buy one, get one free – a deal I couldn’t pass up.  Not my favorite frames, but when they are cheap I can make do. 😉

Picture frames

Later this summer I begged Tyler to hang them up for me above the couch.  Four months later I’ve finally added some of my own photos.  Believe me Tyler hasn’t let me forgot how urgent it was to get these hung up.

Garden photo art

Last Sunday I glued my butt to the desk chair and started photoshopping some of my favorite images from this past season, which included some great shots of flowers and food from the garden.

Photoshop flowers

I played for a couple of hours on various effects, but ending up choosing a film grain effect and changed the color to 70% monotone.  I had (16) 5×7 photos printed at Walgreens for about twenty bucks.

By the way, my DIY workspace is usually not the most organized.

I had thought about going to a craft store to buy some mat board, but I don’t have a mat board cutter and then I just kind of got lazy and didn’t want to go shopping for mat board.  That’s how it goes sometimes.

Which means I kept things super simple by using the backside of the paper already in the frame as my ‘mat’.  The use of a tape measure and square let me center the photos pretty easily, which I adhered to the paper with double stick tape.  The tape was actually out of a window insulation kit, just trying to be resourceful, folks.

All put together they look pretty good.  And they were so inexpensive and easy, maybe next time I’ll do it in less than 4 months!

Dahlia photo framed

Another project, done. Woohoo.  Already thinking about the next….it’s never ending I tell you.  This time the food photos for the kitchen, I’ll be sure to share that project with you in four months.  Just kidding…I think.

Made art from your own pictures?  Show us!


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