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Say No to the Rake

November 21, 2011

This past Saturday the weather was dry and fairly mild, which meant lots of folks were doing last-minute clean up outside.  I noticed my neighbors had their rakes out and raked their entire yard and foundation planting areas and then duly hauled all the leaves away to I assume the city compost pile.  Have to say their yard looked mighty nice.

While they raked I took Henry on a long walk around town and came across my brother mulching up his leaves with the parent’s riding lawnmower.  So I walked up to his yard and told him I’d like to borrow the mower and he later drove it down to my house (about 5 blocks).  This is one of those living in a small town perks, you see.


A quick rake around all my foundation plantings took all of 3 minutes.  Then I hopped on the riding mower and cruised (aka, hauled ass) around the yard mulching all the leaves.  I think I might have even seen the neighbors watching…or was it glaring after they had just raked the very last pile up into their pickup.  😉

Though I do have a mulching push mower, I used the rider as it goes way faster and does a better job of mulching through thicker piles of leaves.  Super easy garden work for this girl.

So why should you forget the rake?  Because when you mulch the leaves it actually helps your lawn stay healthier.

  • Microbial activity increases improving soil conditions and water infiltration
  • Helps control weeds
  • Helps lawn green up quicker in the spring
  • Encourages lateral growth resulting in a thicker lawn

And while you are using gas from your mower, you do save on time, physical effort, leaf bags and gas or money needed to haul those leaves away.  You might also save on potential additional funds and chemicals needed to make your struggling lawn healthier.

Don’t you love it when the easier way…is actually the best way!

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  1. November 23, 2011 9:49 am

    We used our mower to mulch our leaves, too, but then we put them on our garden beds to compost over the winter. Our soil was nice and rich after doing it last year. There are way more leaves than our garden can hold, though! Maybe we’ll try leaving the rest on the lawn. It could use a little extra green.

  2. November 23, 2011 11:06 am

    Putting mulched leaves on your gardens is a great practice. I usually get enough leaves blown into my yard to leave them mulched on the lawn and bag up for my compost pile.

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