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DIY: Distressed Side Table

November 17, 2011

I was one of those girls with a messy bedroom growing up…you know sometimes you wondered what color the floor was ’cause there were so many layers of clothes, magazines and whoknowswhat laying all over.  I suppose it took me living on my own to realize the importance of cleanliness and organization.  I’m no superstar in these departments but I do try to keep things decent around here.

Back in those messy days, which peaked when I was a teen, I had this old round side table that probably came from the living room after my parents remodeled.  It was rather ugly, so I didn’t treat it very nicely.  You could say it got…abused.  It survived many nail polish and nail polish removal spills and eventually got demoted to the basement then to my dad’s  wood shop on the front porch.

Poor table.

After eyeing it during a visit to the shop, I started thinking I wanted this ugly old table back.  I was in need of something to set close to my living room windows for blog photos and herbs.  I kind of like mis-matchy furniture styles and finishes, and I wanted to add a distressed piece to the living room.  This entire room needs help as I’ve never put much design thought into it and it shows.  Hopefully this table addition will spur an updated design.

My first step of the process was some more abuse.  Poor table got smacked around with a hammer and chain.  This added some nice distressed features to the table.

Next up I gave the table a quick sanding to rough up the surface for a coat of primer to properly stick.  Since I chose to paint the table white, I felt a primer was definitely necessary to be able to get good coverage over this medium dark table.

I used spray paint because of all the round nooks and crannys of the table would have made this a tedious job to do with a brush.  Disassembling the table looked like it would end up being a permanent option.

After a good coat of primer had dried, I painted with a white satin spray paint and ended up still needing 3 coats for full coverage.

[imagine images of primed and painted table images here…some dork (me) deleted those]

After the paint was dry (the next weekend for me), I got busy and distressed the heck out of the table with various sand papers.  No faint wood marks here, I wanted a really worn look….it only seemed fitting since the table has lived a life of abuse anyways.

Lovin’ the rough around the edges look.

Almost there.  I didn’t want the stark white color so I ‘antiqued’ it by applying a quick coat of stain to the entire table.  This helped enhance the color of the exposed wood and also gave it a softer, aged look.  I didn’t want to go heavy on the ‘antiquing’ so I wiped the stain off almost immediately after applying.

There’s just one more step to complete and that’s to seal it up with a polyurethane.  Hopefully I can get to it this weekend if the garage stays warm enough.

I’m pretty happy with the results and ready to start piling stuff up on it.

Distressed side table

On to the next project….putting some artwork into my frames that have been hung up since summer  with a stock image of some lovely but unfamiliar couple.

Have to have something to keep me busy, with my days of wandering in the kitchen garden long gone.

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