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A November Harvest

November 7, 2011

My kitchen garden has just a little more love to give in 2011.

On a beautiful sunny November Sunday morning, I harvested the rest of the goods in the garden with the exception of a ginormous patch of kale that looks to be hanging around for a while longer.

This is what happens when you plant something you only kinda sorta like.  Really it’s more of a love hate relationship – sometimes delicious, sometimes rancid.

kale in raised beds

Anyways I got a nice bowl of ripe cherry tomatoes before removing the frost burnt plant.  A few peas, brussels sprouts and carrots lingered too.

November harvest

And as usual I ended up getting hungry with my morning activities, so I came in and made breakfast.   A damn good breakfast actually.

breakfast quesadilla

Mmm, breakfast quesadilla made with scrambled eggs, chopped cherry tomatoes and yes, even some chopped fresh kale.  And cheese…lots of it. 🙂

Breakfast quesadilla with tomatoes and kale from the garden

Getting any kind of harvest in November makes me smile.  Same with the breakfast.

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