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Fall Trails

November 1, 2011

This past weekend we hit some local trails and enjoyed a gorgeous late October morning.  Sounds like things will be soon shifting into not-so-nice weather mode around here, so this post may be one I bookmark to remind me of what a great fall season 2011 has been.

Usually it’s just Henry and I or my mom and her doodle Sally, but this is how we walk when Tyler joins us.  Henry leads the way (sometimes by a lot), me in the middle and Tyler a few steps behind.  Probably not wanting everyone (which would be the deer and birds) to see him hanging with a couple of dorks like us.  😉

I love it out there.  We take about 4 mile trek on rolling hill trails that go from one lake to another.  fall scene in Iowa

I’m hoping future weekend weather stays dry so we can keep going until the paths fill up with snow.  I’ve got plenty of Under Armour, stocking hats and warm socks to keep warm.  Henry’s growing out his full sweater, so he’ll be good too.

iowa fall scene

Henry loves the trails and especially loves kicking up all kinds of wildlife.  This last trip he came across 4 pheasants, 4 turkeys and a deer.  He saw the turkeys up ahead on the path and took off in a dead sprint.  His dead sprint is never fast enough to catch up to anything though.  I’m still waiting to catch the perfect shot of him chasing a deer….it’s so dang funny.

He’s also been mistaken as wildlife himself before.  One time a local city employee who was doing maintenance on the trails thought for a moment he saw a bear cub running around.  Nope, just Henry.

Here he’s making his way down to a pond to get a big drink.  All that running makes him a thirsty boy.  Unfortunately he always thinks he needs to stand in the pond while getting a drink.

Henry on the trail

Shall we all make a wish to have Fall hang on a little longer?

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  1. November 1, 2011 4:53 pm

    I agree with you – the trails look beautiful with the fall colour. I enjoy the harmony of the rustic colours during Fall. And, I admit, it means that snow and cold have not yet been ushered in!

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