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Hump Day Shtuff

October 26, 2011

It’s the middle of the week and I’m guessing a lot of you are like me and are wishing it was the end of week instead.  Today I thought it was Tuesday,  yesterday I thought it was Wednesday – so maybe tomorrow it will just magically become Friday!

I had a few tasks lined up for when I got home today, but it really didn’t go as planned.  When I get home from work my usual thing is to roam around my yard with Henry and my camera.

I first ventured out into the street to capture the great color of the trees in the neighborhood.

Fall on the street

Then around back to check out the remaining goods growing in my kitchen garden.

The peas look quite pretty.

snow peas

The kale is still looking so lush.


And Henry is just, wait….where’s Henry?  Wandering the block maybe?  He sometimes does that and comes back when I holler (okay maybe after hollering a few times).  But this time was different, as I walked up the alley and back and saw no sign of the dog.

I looked and hollered around a little more, and then hopped in my car (I needed to do a grocery store run) and drove around the block slowly looking for him.  No luck.

Then I got out and walked around some more.  Then back in my car I go and drive down the block, finally spotting a jolly labradoodle greeting the neighbor walking his dog.  All of sudden, like a streak of lightning the doodle takes off towards home running faster than I’ve ever seen that lazy dog’s legs move.  Finally my neighbor hollered at him and brought him over to me.

Trouble! Grounded! #@#%$^!

doodle in trouble

Kind of reminds me of this guilty dog.

So the evening didn’t quite go as planned, but oh well.  I got a furry pup sulking in the corner, a Leiny’s Fireside Nut Brown by my side and tears of laughter on my face from the video above.

The daily challenges of life can be interesting to say the least, but at the end of the day none of that shtuff really matters.  I’m so very blessed that life for me is good, it wouldn’t be right of me to fret about the things that didn’t go the way I’d hope.

Here’s to surviving the rest of the week 😉  Watch the video, it definitely helps! 

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