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DIY: Indian Corn Wreath

October 25, 2011

Remember when I went to my fav independent garden center not too long ago and purchased some Indian corn.  (This was also when my dSLR was in the shop and the ‘ol camera phone saw some heavy action).

I’ve finally finished and hung up my diy wreath.

Indian Corn Wreath

I saw the idea for this wreath via Better Homes & Gardens.  I love crafty projects that utilize natural materials as well as one’s that are relatively simple – sometimes I can be DIY-challenged, especially if it involves hanging something (just ask Tyler).  Thankfully this project fits the bill…and thankfully Tyler hung it up for me.

You need a straw wreath, which I picked up at Michael’s for about $8.

straw wreath

You also need a variety of large ears of Indian corn with the stalk still intact.  I used a total of 22 ears which was roughly $15.

Indian corn

And lastly a hot glue gun in which you simply glue the ears of corn to the wreath.  Be sure to use hot or all temp melting sticks as the low heat sticks will not offer enough binding power.  Yep I figured that one out.  I placed a ring in the middle to help guide the placement of the ears.

glue indian cornPretty easy stuff, right?  We hung up on the front porch using strong fishing line and a couple of hooks for a nice secure hang.

Thanksgiving wreath made of Indian cornThis is a big wreath and too large to hang on a door, but fits really nicely on the large wall space on my front porch.  I’m sure it will be interesting to store in the off-season though.

Make any wreaths recently?  Let’s see ’em!

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