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Brussels sprouts

October 20, 2011

Guess what.  We got our first frost.

So guess what I did.  Picked some brussels sprouts!

Brussel sprouts harvested from garden

Brussels sprouts have their best flavor after a frost or two as they tend to sweeten a bit, mitigating some of the weird, bittery flavor you sometimes find in a brussels sprout.

brussel sprout in the garden

It’s probably easy to believe that I love brussels sprouts, but Tyler actually loves them even more.  That’s why I’m waiting until he gets home tonight to see how he wants them prepared.

up close to brussel sprouts

I mean how could you not like them.  They are the cutest little things.  Yes food can be cute.

Brussel sprout plant

When I was plant shopping earlier this year, Tyler sent me a text begging me to buy a brussels sprout plant.  Funny thing is I had just put one in my plant box about a minute before he text me.  This is my first year of having one in the garden.

fresh brussel sprouts

Just a small harvest tonight, but hopefully a good one!

Do you like brussels sprouts?  People seem to either love or hate ’em.

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  1. October 24, 2011 3:03 pm

    LOVE brussel sprouts! I usually saute them with onions, some S&P, and nutmeg.

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