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October 19, 2011

I picked up my camera yesterday!  Though the camera phone pics were fun, I’m glad to have my camera back, now only if I could have a bigger, fancier one I’d be set. 😉

First thing I did when I got home today was taking a photographic tour of my outdoor space.  It got cold last night, but not frosty so think of this as the ‘before 32’ tour and maybe tomorrow I’ll do the ‘after 32’ tour.

Before heading out the door, appropriate gear was needed.  Why I’m smiley over wearing fleece and a stocking hat is beyond me.

Off to the kitchen garden.  Where lots of clean-up happened this weekend.

kitchen garden in late October

Still some vibrant greens to be found with peas and carrots.

Peas and carrots in garden

Looks like we might have a little cold damage here.

Around the house to check on some bloomers.  The Vinca looks a touch zapped as well.


And Julia Child is hanging in there still.  She takes on a bit of a blush when the weather gets chillier.  Can you see her slight pink tint?

julia child in october

Still deciding on what to do with my big crop of hydrangeas.  I’ve started a Dried Hydrangeas board over on Pinterest for inspiration.  Let me know if you come across any super cool ideas.

drying hydrangeas
And if the pumpkins on everyone’s front porch haven’t told you, this chillier weather will….it’s definitely fall people!

mini white pumpkins

Have a great night!

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