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October 18, 2011

Forecast low for tonight…31 degrees. Frostable.

Hello, I live in Iowa – we are kind of obsessed with weather. I’m a gardener – we too are kind of obsessed with weather.

In anticipation of this week’s frosty forecast, I harvested all my ripe tomatoes and peppers. I may freeze some, but right now I’m planning meals around these goods.

tomatoes and peppers

Last night was chicken fajitas with lots of garden fresh peppers.

chicken fajitas

Topped with some garden fresh cilantro that had reseeded itself and grown a nice little patch.  Did the mad dash in my slippers to the garden in the dark last night for this stuff.  Some people think cilantro smells and taste like soap.  I think it smells soapy, but tastes great!


Love me some fajitas.


And for nightly entertainment, I read up on some seed saving practices for heirloom tomatoes.  Hope to try my first hand at this practice soon.

Any last-minute garden activities before your first frost?  Have anything in your garden that is sure to survive?  I’m looking forward to some peas soon.

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