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Garden Review – September 18-24

September 26, 2011

My Facebook Page post from yesterday pretty much sums up how I feel about the nice days of fall:

“If only we could freeze (as in time) days like these and whip it out when we freeze (as in cold) in the winter. Kinda like a get out of jail free card, but for winter.”  Just one free day per winter is all I’m asking.  Be sure to ‘Like’ Life in Green’s page, you don’t want to be missing out on my random rants. 😉  Good stuff, I tell ya.

Hydrangeas on front porch

And on to this past week’s update of the garden.

Week of September 18-24

We went from rainy, cold and miserable to dry, sunny and mild.  Though signs of really warm days seem to be long gone, the past week was really picture-perfect fall weather.  I’ve really noticed a lot of changes around as the crops are ready for harvest and the leaves are finally starting to turn.

My garden continues to do consistently well and the hydrangeas and roses are giving a heck of a fall show.  I’ve yet to get any fall plants & decor for my front porch, I really think these hydrangeas are doing a fine job of keeping things pretty out there.

Hydrangeas in fall


  • Yet another bowl of cherry tomatoes and I baked them with salmon
  • Two cuttings of baby arugula
  • Handful of radish
  • Couple bell peppers
  • Herbs – thyme, rosemary

Haven’t been able to keep my paws off the arugula lately.  It’s just so peppery and tasty!

baby arugula

Garden Notes

  • Finally got the cherry tree planted after this mishap
  • Peas have started to bloom & green beans have set fruit
  • Compost pile is slowly filling up – I’ve dumped the majority of my containers and am slowly cleaning up spent plants in the raised beds
  • Planted rose that was in container into raised beds to overwinter
My new cherry tree.
North Star cherry tree

These peas look pretty cute draping out of their bed.  I pinch off a couple shoots every time I’m out there for a tiny little snack – so good.

Fall crop of dwarf peas

And for late September I’d say my vegetable garden looks pretty lush compared to some years.

Raised bed gardens late September

Fall is here – what’s your favorite thing about this season?  How’s your fall gardening coming along?

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