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Sunday Lunch

September 25, 2011

Anything good for Sunday lunch/dinner?

It’s a nice day here so that means no stuck inside and cooking for me.  Though it’s nice to have a yummy Sunday feast (roasted pork loin is sounding good), that kind of meal is thrown out the window when you can be outside on the home stretch of these remaining nice weekends.

It also doesn’t mean you have to eat a blah can of soup or lunch meat sandwich either.  In about 4 minutes I whipped up a satisfying sandwich to fuel me through the rest of the afternoon.

The ingredients.  Trader Joe’s fig butter and goat cheese, baby arugula from my garden and Sunny Crunch bread from Great Harvest.

Fig Butter, goat cheese & arugula

I slapped some fig butter on two slices of bread covered that in goat cheese and then topped with lots of arugula.  Brushed the bread with olive oil and cooked each side over medium heat.

The star was definitely the crunchy, golden bread.  To die for.

Fig, arugula, goat cheese sandwich

Add in a side of grapes and sparkling water and you’ve got yourself a super-fast cafe style meal.

Eating sandwich with goat cheese, fig butter, arugula

I’m full and ready to head back outside and do some fall garden clean up.

Happy Sunday!

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