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Cinnamon Rolls & Pizza

September 21, 2011

Tonight I’m hanging out with this stuff.


We are going to visit the latest addition to Tyler’s family, his new niece Aubree, tomorrow and I wanted to have some goodies in hand.  You can never go wrong with a Pioneer Woman recipe, so I opted for her world-famous cinnamon rolls.

While the yeast was out I whipped up a pizza crust for dinner (Pioneer Woman’s recipe – yeah I sorta love her).   This time I used half whole wheat flour.

Pizza crust with whole wheat flour

With no pizza plan in place I did a quick survey of kitchen and garden.  In the garden I spied some great baby arugula.   Love its peppery flavor!

arugula in the garden

In the fruit bowl I spotted a pear.  Hmm, I hear pears and arugula complement each other nice with their sweet and spicy flavors.

So onto the pizza went mozzarella cheese and thinly sliced pears, which I baked like usual.  Then I added a nice helping of fresh arugula after cooking and drizzled with some balsamic vinegar.

Pretty darn easy. Pretty darn good.  And always a plus when using garden ingredients.

Pear & Arugula pizza

If I didn’t live in a small town with a small grocery store, I would have opted for a fancier cheese…fontina, goat maybe even bleu.  But mozzarella and not the fresh kind is all that’s convenient here.

Though the plus of a small town is running into your grandma at the grocery store and asking her if she has maple extract ’cause the small store doesn’t carry it.  Grandma’s always come through!

Anyways this is how I roll a lot- seeing what I got and then seeing if what I got will make a meal worth eating.  And usually it works out.

Pear & arugula pizza

Well I’m off to roll up some cinnamon rolls…wish me luck!

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