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Garden Review – September 11-17

September 18, 2011

On Friday I bought a pitchfork (for my new compost pile), stakes (for my new trees) and a bag of mulch (also for the trees).

Today  (Sunday) these items are still in the back of my car.  Drizzly, cloudy and cool is how you could sum up this weekend.  I’ve spent approximately a half hour outside this weekend taking  Henry on a speed walk this morning around town.  These are the fall days I despise…especially when they land on a weekend and you get stuck inside.

rainy day

Tomorrow’s forecast is sunny & 80…I’ll get my shiny new pitchfork out then. 🙂

And on to this past week’s update of the garden.

Week of September 11-17

This past week’s weather went from very warm to quite chilly.  I haven’t broke down and turned the furnace on yet, but it’s been lingering around the 65 degree mark inside.  The slippers and sweatpants have definitely surfaced though.

The garden had a fairly close encounter with some frost, but temps stayed a good 5+ degrees above freezing so no damage was seen.  I did cover my herbs for precaution, I’m just not ready to lose those babies.


  • Yet another bowl of cherry tomatoes and I used them to make this recipe
  • Heirloom tomatoes – I went and picked anything that had blushed the evening before it got really chilly, still need to use these up
  • Good sized bowl of leaf lettuce
  • Last of the early crop of carrots – hoping for a tastier fall crop
  • Grocery sack full of kale
  • Small crop of radish
  • Yellow, green and red bell peppers
  • Herbs – basil, mint

Garden Notes

  • My new raised beds are wonderful – I still barely weed…ever.
  • Fall crops are growing nicely, harvests are small but good
  • Despite the cruddy weather, all plants still look really good
  • Except my pots, which I’ve neglected of supplemental water – it happens every year in September

Though barely any trees are starting to turn…I’m finding lots of fall-inspired colors elsewhere.

I harvested this golden orange bunch this past week.

Marigolds, pepper, carrot, cherry tomatoes

Henry helped himself to a carrot.  He’s a big fan.

Henry with carrot

All along the countryside are ribbons of yellow with these pretty wildflowers – my guess is Black-eyed Susans.  Lots of rich yellow, Goldenrod in bloom as well.

Iowa yellow wildflower

Also bought myself I new pair of garden gloves on sale this week.  I’m guessing this is probably pair #3 this season.  Not because I’m hard on them, but because I can’t find them.  A lot of times I’ll just wear one glove and that usually leads to never putting the pair back together.  Maybe I should string them together like a pair of mittens.  Now that would be cute.

garden gloves

So are you seeing any colors of fall around??  It’s getting real close.  

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  1. September 18, 2011 6:46 pm

    Oh my – I go through many many garden gloves 😉

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