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And Things Were Going So Well

September 14, 2011

Forecast low for tonight….35 degrees.  Chilly!  I’m headed outside soon to pick tomatoes, peppers and lettuce.  I’m planning to cover up or bring in my herbs, but will probably leave the rest in Mother Nature’s hands.  I’ll let you know how things fare.

Remember the trees I purchased this past weekend?

new fruit trees

These are to replace two trees we unfortunately had to cut down this summer.  And to keep in line with my goal of growing and eating right from my own yard, I had to buy some fruit-bearers.

The tree in the front is a Honeycrisp apple tree, which I am so ecstatic about.  Hands down the Honeycrisp is my favorite apple,  and I always willingly chuck out the $2.99 per pound price at the grocery store for this variety.

Honeycrisp Apple pic from KitchenDaily.comImage from

The second tree is a North Star cherry tree, which I’m also ecstatic about but a little frightened too – I’ve never baked with cherries before so this will be a new adventure.  I keep picturing myself a couple of years from now with buckets and buckets of cherries, red stained hands and beads of sweat dripping from my forehead.

North Star CherriesImage from

On Monday evening Tyler dug a nice hole for the apple tree that was the exact depth of the root ball and 1.5 times wider than its diameter.  We plopped it in, filled in with soil and gave it a nice drink.  I plan to create a berm of mulch and stake for protection this winter.

I thought to myself, “Wow that was so quick and easy.”

Looks pretty nice.

Newly planted apple tree

Off to the backyard we went to tackle the cherry tree.  I had the utilities marked recently for my compost pile I installed and the paint marks still remained, so I never really gave it a thought about running into an issue with the site selected for this tree.   You can see where this is going right?

What I did forget was that the utilities were not marked all the way up to the house, since my project was towards the back of the lot – the utilities were marked mainly only towards the back.  The cable line was still visible and did this funky weave, but still it didn’t appear it was in the way of our tree’s future home.

Well guess what?  Tyler was digging his little soul away and then suddenly…whoops!  He cut the cable.

cut cable

And things were going so well.

Big thanks to the cable guy who fixed it the very next day.

And big thanks to the cherry tree who still patiently waits for a permanent  home.  We may try to plant you tonight.  Wish us luck!

Do you have any good ‘oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen stories’?  Any run-ins with those darn utility lines?


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