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Pretty in Pink

September 9, 2011

Through this past summer I’ve shown you some pictures of my hardy hydrangeas around my yard.  They have now shifted into their ‘pretty in pink’ stage for the fall season and are looking pretty cute I must say.

(Btw – For the record I’m totally more of a 16 Candles gal than Pretty in Pink – I think cause HBO played the 16 Candles over and over when I was growing up…along with Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.)

Anyways.  Hydrangeas – pink – pretty – nice!

This is Ms. Burgundy Lace

Hydrangea maturing to pink

With hydrangea paniculata, the flowers start white and then as they mature turn shades of pink. 

These Little Lambs come out white, shift to a light green shade and then onto a pink.  I really like the combo of the green and pink on these blooms – the pink has a glowing effect.

Little lamb

More Little Lamb.

Little lamb hydrangea

And finally, Mr. Pinky Winky…the deepest, brightest pink out of the three varieties.

Pinky Winky hydrangea

And there’s more pink. 

I got some beautiful roses for my birthday from my neighbor buddy, Caden (he’s in 1st grade).  Yes I’m lucky…neighbors who bring me flowers. 🙂

 Pink roses

Do you have a favorite flower color?  No preference here – just like ’em all 😉

Happy Weekend!

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