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Labor Day Stuff

September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day – I hope everyone’s long weekend treated you well. 🙂

Here at LinG (that’s my new Life in Green acronym – ha) there was some physical labor as well as lots of relaxation too. 

Started off with a nice warm breakfast to fuel up for sitting around on my behind…ok I promise I didn’t sit around on my behind all day.  But these steel cut oats were good.  I make a bunch on Sundays sometimes and portion out for the coming week so I have breakfast ready to nuke in the morning before taking off for work.  I got to have my oats first thing.

steel cut oats & bananas

Finished up my new compost pile.  It’s nothing fancy or pretty but should work out just fine.  I opted for steel posts and wire over treated wood as I’ll be using the compost on my vegetable gardens and am not really into weird toxins seeping into my soil.  More about compost later.

compost pile

I sanded down a door that my dad will paint for me with his sprayer. 

This door goes to a half-bath remodel we did earlier this year.  It was a slow project but we finally got the necessary vents hooked up after the weather cooled and the attic was bearable.  Still a little decorating left to do – but happy with the results. 

half bath remodel

And there was a bit of pondering over the latest mishap.  The smoker may have got a little out of hand last night and took it out on the deck.  Oops.  Just another fix-it project to add to the list.

burnt deck

But lots of time well spent outside on this incredibly gorgeous mild day soaking up the remaining peaceful hours of the weekend.

Well – maybe too much relax time for someone.  Focus much??

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