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Go Mad

September 1, 2011
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Today I participated in a 1K walk.  That would be 7 whole blocks. Whew.

You’re probably thinking they actually have 1K’s?

This one was kind of unique in the sense that it wasn’t a race but a walk that started at many different points around town and ended up in a park.  The event was called “Start Somewhere” and was a pilot walk for the governor of Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative that is to kick off in October all over the state.  The goal is to make Iowa the #1 healthiest state in Iowa  (currently sitting at #19).  I really hope we get there!

A short program followed the walk and the featured speaker was an athletic director from a nearby university.  Her words were inspiring and she encouraged everyone to GO MAD.

Get up & move!

Open yourself up to change

Motivate your  mindset

Be Active

Just Do it

So GO MAD people!

She also was sure to point out that being healthy includes the entire mind, body and soul and instantly my thoughts turned to yoga

Ahh.  Sweet, sweet yoga.  🙂

From my pinterest yoga board

For me yoga has been the key to strong physical and mental health and has enhanced my complete being in ways I could never imagine.  The benefits have been endless: fewer headaches, better sleep, better posture, greater strength & flexibility and most importantly an incredible mindfulness that keeps me kind to my physical body, helps me better understand and work with others and gives me empowerment and comfort to tackle life’s challenges.  I feel like I can handle anything because I trust my yoga practice will support me.   

September is National Yoga Month which is a grassroots initiative to make people aware of the benefits of yoga and provide guidance and tools to help others reach their own well-being. 

With that I want to share some yoga resources that have been valuable for me and my practice and maybe could be valuable for you.  I am also fortunate to share yoga with others as a lead a practice twice a week (which has been so much fun).

Green Yoga House – Des Moines metro yoga studio where I first began my practice over 2 years ago.  Owner Lily and crew are great and I will always be a student of hers one way or another. – An online service offering streaming yoga classes right in your home from some of the nation’s best teachers for a minimal monthly fee.  I do up to 4 of these classes a week.  Love them.

Yoga Journal – A website/magazine covering everything yoga. Great stories, tips, pose directory, etc.

Some of my favorite yogi’s include Kathryn Budig, Sadie Nardini, Tiffany Cruikshank and Jason Crandell.

So for September maybe try yoga at least once.  And if you already do yoga, practice a little more.  Approach it openly and just see where it takes you.

And don’t forget to GO MAD & get healthy.

Namaste 🙂

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  1. September 1, 2011 7:39 pm

    I think the Healthiest State Initiative is a great goal. I hope we see a lot more activities like the 1K in the near future.


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