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Garden Review – August 21-27

August 29, 2011

I never win giveaway contests.  I’ve never won more than $3 on a scratch ticket and I don’t even try to play the lottery.

But last week I won something. 🙂

It is a gorgeous cookbook I won from entering a giveaway on A Way to Garden’s blog (the best garden blog around btw) titled ‘Good Food to Share’ by Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan founder of Apartment Therapy’s

Good Food To Share

It came in the mail today, so I’ve just thumbed through it a second.  But wow – it’s a beaut and couldn’t be more my thing. 

page from cookbook

Can’t wait to cook something from it, and you’ll be the first to know…well after my tummy. 

And on to this past week’s update of the garden.

Week of August 21-27

Beautiful weather continued though it was pretty warm early in the week.  By the end of the week cool weather moved in and I think we finally shut the A/C off for the last time this year.  It’s all so bittersweet because I love summer, but there is something to be said for the excitement that comes along with the changing of the seasons.  Though some seasons are more exciting than others. 😉


  • Another bowl of cherry tomatoes
  • Heirloom tomatoes – some even rotted, whoops!
  • Random banana, green bell and red bell peppers
  • Herbs – basil, oregano, thyme

Unique and tasty is the Hillbilly tomato.  Huge too!


Garden Notables

  • Sowed a few more seeds for a fall harvest, including spinach, lettuce and arugula
  • Original fall planting of spinach still not germinated
  • Kitchen garden remains fairly quiet producing only tomatoes and peppers right now
  • Remaining gladiolus bulbs bloomed

Peppers are now loading up, a rather slow year for me.

Yellow bell

A small fall planting of green beans will hopefully give me a few fresh servings.

fall planting of green beans

The last of the glads…so pretty.

glad bloom in aug

What kinds of things have you won?  Do you enter a lot of contests?  Lottery?


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