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Old School

August 7, 2011

My 10 year high school reunion was this weekend.  It’s crazy that it’s been 10 years already and even crazier that its almost like nothing’s changed when us classmates get together.

Growing up in a small town (the one I live in now), I had a small class size…I think right around 70.  So everyone knows each other and our class was pretty special ’cause we really got along quite well. 

First up was a family potluck picnic.

Potluck picnic class reunion

And then a visit to the Freedom Rock for a class photo with our fallen hero, classmate C.J. Miller. 

Class of 2001 at Freedom Rock

Happy hour was at a local winery which is also home of a classmate’s parents.  Couldn’t resist some shots of their beautiful gardens and grapes.

W&R gardens

Me and my high school besties (we still are too).

Best friends

And I’d love to show you more…but it kind of goes downhill from there.  And I try to keep this blog family-friendly. 😉  Let’s just say we had a great time and already decided we aren’t waiting until our 20-year to do it again. 

I spent probably a whole 10 minutes outside today, but noticed there’s a lot of work to get done around the yard.  Hoping to get a little organized and get back into project mode.  The weather is supposed to cool off more this week so should be good working weather.

Stay tuned!

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