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August 5, 2011

TGIF! Right?

It was kind of a rough one going back to work after having the whole week before off on vacation. But I made it through and am excited for the weekend.

Tomorrow is my 10-year HS class reunion, which includes a potluck picnic, happy hour at a winery and bar time in the evening.  I’ll be jamming out in the kitchen tonight whipping up food for the event.

On my list is:

For the potluck I’m taking my go-to Better-Than-Crack Brownies from How Sweet It Is and a Greek Orzo Salad I have yet to find or create a recipe for.

Better than Crack Brownies from How Sweet It Is

And for snacks at happy hour I’ll be bringing Cheescake Stuffed Strawberries posted by Iowa Girl Eats and Sesame Chicken Dip from Taste of Home, which is another recipe I regularly use when taking a dish somewhere.

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries from Iowa Girl Eats

I’ve talked myself out of making sangria, as it tends to knock me on my butt way before I realize its happening. 🙂

And my nephew Parker turns 3 tomorrow so I’ll be visiting with b-day presents sometime this weekend too!  Happy Birthday, buddy!

It’s also TGIR!  Thank Goodness It Rained!  The garden was in desperate need of a drink and got about a half-inch yesterday evening and sporadic showers again today.  Which is so very good, because I am the world’s worst waterer.

A quick scope of the wet garden got my hopes up really high when I spotted some pretty colors.  Too bad it was only downhill from there. 

Bi-colored (yellow & red) heirloom tomato, Hillbilly, looks quite pretty with his cool two tone thing going on, right?

Hillbilly heirloom tomato

But turn him around and not so much :(.  There goes my BLT idea.  Bummer, would have been my first ripe one of the season.

Hillbilly heirloom with blossom end rot

Check out the pretty deep purple on this ripe guy.

'Pinot Noir' pepper

Must of put a lot of energy into that rich color, ’cause this thing forgot to grow first.

small ripe pepper

Gotta love the ups and downs of gardening!

So what you got going on this weekend?  Anyone have a class reunion this year? Which one?

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