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August 1, 2011
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Happy Birthday to my garden supervisor, my walking partner and one of the best companions a girl could ask for! 

Numero Six! Happy Birthday Henry!  Still as goofy as ever.


That’s the happy news around here, unfortunately we’ve got a full blown emergency going on at this household.  At 9pm last night I had convinced Tyler to let me change the TV channel, which had been on ESPN all. day. long.  Which also means I watched like 2 minutes of TV yesterday. 

He’s like “go ahead I don’t have the remote”.  Great.  I don’t either and can’t see it laying anywhere.  So the search began for the holy grail of entertainment – the remote control for our digital cable.  Changing channels does not happen without that bad boy, so it’s a very important device. 

Stuck on ESPN

After a 45-minute floor to ceiling manhunt and even checking the fridge and kitchen cabinets, I threw in the towel and went to bed.  The TV in there is also remote-less (what is our deal?) but at least you can change the channel via the monitor. 

I received many texts today from Tyler asking if I had checked here or there…including the meat box in the fridge.  He was retracing his steps from yesterday and making a lunch meat sandwich was one of those steps.  And still no luck on the continued search this evening.

Hopefully we find the dang thing soon, I think it is pricey to replace.   And its not like we watch much TV anyways, but sometimes I just need a Real Housewives fix bad and I sure won’t find that on ESPN.  Our neighbor told me her’s is missing too, perhaps there is a Remote Control Bandit on the loose. 

In other news, I usually give you a the past week’s garden update around this time.  Well guess what, I was on vacation most of the week, therefore not much garden harvesting or activity took place.  Here are a few snapshots of things from last week.

The cherry tomato is on full out production….

SunSugar cherry tomato

These guys will be on the menu a lot.  Sometimes they are just best eaten with some EEOV, red wine vinegar and a little S&P.

SunSugar cherry tomatoes, pork loin and grilled carrots

Yesterday I did quite a bit of work in the kitchen garden and cleaned up a lot of spent plants and prepared the beds for fall sowing which I hope to get to this week. 

Looking kind of bare at the moment…but tidy which is a good thing. 🙂

Garden July 31, 2011

Got lots on the agenda for this week.  Let’s hope I can stay organized and get all I want done. 

Ever lose your remote and find it in a crazy place?  Or anything for that matter?  Help us out here…I think we might be losing more than just our remote!

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  1. August 1, 2011 8:46 pm

    At least your cable TV is working! Our ancient cable line to our house went kaput two weeks ago. I’m leaving it to my husband to work out the problem, but he’s not as impatient about it as me. I have a feeling that if our cable was out during NFL season, my husband would be hounding Mediacom until it was fixed! Love those yellow cherry tomatoes, by the way. Wish I planted those this year. Definitely will next year.

    • August 1, 2011 9:18 pm

      Ha…it’s probably good for us to give the TV a rest anyways. 🙂

      I believe the cherry tomatoes are Sun Sugar…just a hybrid I picked up on a whim at a local store in town.

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