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Good to be Home

July 28, 2011

Yes it’s good to be home.

My mini-vacation with part of the family was fun.  Anything involving water and a boat is sure to be a good time.

My arms are a little sore from tubing.

lisa & wy on tube

Aunt Lisa may or may not of been holding on for dear life.


You might too if you captain looked like this.  Nice 🙂

boat captain

I’d say someone enjoyed it quite a bit!

wy on tube

Glad they have kid entertainment at the lakeside bar. 🙂

Wyatt on slide

And glad he still thinks his aunt is cool.

Wy & Lisa
Well, maybe.

lisa & wy

It was busy around here when I was gone.  Two split/rotting trees got turned into firewood.

Locust tree cut down

Can’t wait to pick up some replacements.  Any good suggestions for a non-messy, quick grower?

The garden also survived.  Looks like I’ll be eating cherry tomatoes by the dozens for awhile.

And one my favorite flowers decided to show up while I was gone…glad it stuck around for a snapshot.


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