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Things I’m Diggin’

July 26, 2011

Right now I should be cruising the lake with drink in hand and sun in face.  Ahhhh…so nice. 

I’m diggin’ it.

Here’s some other things I’ve been ‘diggin’ lately.

Fresh cut flowers kept simple and plopped into a jar.

Fresh cut lily

So purty.

lily in small jar

And painted flowers too.  Check out this dahlia painted for me by my cousin, Steve.  He’s a local artist from the Des Moines area and does pin-up, fantasy and florals.  Check his stuff out….it’s beautiful!

Painting by Steve Baier

The past week I’ve been chugging down citron flavored, Perrier.  I’m not a soda drinker because I don’t like sweet beverages.  This one does just the trick with some fun bubbles but no sugar and just a hint of lemon-lime flavor.  Just like a 7-Up but without the sweetness.  Refreshing.

  Citron flavored Perrier

One last thing I’m digging….



Lisa digging potatoes

The red potato plants had matured as their leaves were brown & yellow, which signals they are ready to be harvested.

Not many were left as we’ve been eating them ever since the new  potatoes were ready.  Still not a bad little harvest.

Red potatoes

I’m also diggin this hot pink tubtrug I got a few years back from Gardener’s Supply Company.  These things are so handy.

So…you diggin’ anything cool at the moment?

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  1. July 26, 2011 2:46 pm

    I love your garden!!!

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