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Dessert for Dinner

July 18, 2011

What do you do when it’s outrageously steamy outside and your A/C hasn’t clicked off for days?

Eat dessert for dinner.  Hey why not?  I’d say its a pretty darn good excuse. 

And when you make a dessert like this, that’s so ridiculously simple and delicious….it can easily be called ‘dinner’.  There’s no baking or mixing or really much of anything involved.  Let’s just call it “the-easiest-dinner-ever-that-has-no-meat-veggies-or-grains-but-includes-ice cream”.  Nice.

It does involve fruit.  Peaches.

Fresh peaches

For some reason I’ve forgotten about peaches this year.  Not anymore.

My awesome “dinner” consisted of peaches cut in half with the pit removed. 

Brushed with olive oil and grilled faced down for a few minutes.  Then turned over and sprinkled with cinnamon & a little bit of brown sugar and then drizzled lightly with honey.

Peaches on the grill

Let them cook that way off of the direct heat for around 10 minutes.

Then served with some soft serve vanilla ice cream from the local dairy sweet.

Grilled peaches and ice cream

Oh yeah.  Best dinner I’ve had in weeks. 🙂

Grilled peach

It’s like having all that warm peachy goodness you get from peach cobbler, crisp or pie.  But without the measuring, mixing, rolling, baking, etc. going on.

And most importantly not stressing out that A/C anymore than necessary!

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  1. July 19, 2011 12:45 pm

    Oh my that looks fantastic. I just had a bunch of peaches and the ONE thing I wanted to do with them was grill them, but I waited too long and the last two went bad so I never go to do it 😦

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