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Garden Review – July 3-July 9

July 11, 2011

Whoa…can’t believe it’s time for the weekly garden update.  What day is this?  Wait what month is it? 

I think every morning I woke up last week…it took me a good long while to figure out what friggin’ day it was.  By Thursday I had to ask Tyler because I had no clue.   It was just blank.

Lots of  stuff going on and not enough sleep made me a total flake for the week.  Thank goodness for yesterday…I feel rejuvenated now.  

Unlike this guy who’s probably knocked a little silly from last night’s thunderstorm.

Container knocked over from storm

And since my brain was apparently in hiatus, trying to recollect last week’s garden activity is not going too well.  I’m guessing I spent time outside doing gardening stuff, my pictures tell me so. 🙂

Ok, ok…its coming back to me now!  Sorta.

Week of July 3 – 9

Summer is in full swing now and I have to tell you I’m loving every second of it.  Hot weather, grass between my toes, drinks on the deck…summer you are so good to me.  Apparently you are hard on the brain cells, but I think it’s a fair trade for the joy you bring me!

Though I guess summer can be a bit hard on some.  Need a drink there Impatiens?

Hot impatiens

The green beans started in full flush last week.  I never go too crazy planting green beans because I know they come on so strong in such a short period of time.  They can be kind of fun to pick until you straighten back up from bending over and realize there is a new kink in your back. 

Green Beans ready to pick

I used my first crop in this tasty dish last week.  I sowed soybeans at the same time, but they must have a bit longer days to maturity time as they are not quite to size yet.  Looking forward to some fresh edamame. 

I did manage to get out and about the garden for a small few harvests, weed pulling and a squash bug egg smashing session. 

These pesky little things are crazy for my zucchini.

Squash bug eggs


Sun Sugar cherry tomato

Garden Notables

  • Kale still going strong
  • Heirloom tomatoes finally setting fruit pretty well
  • Squash bugs have hit the zucchini
  • Melon growing like weeds, no set fruit
  • Majority of lettuce done; new crops growing well
  • Green beans ready
  • Most flowers/shrubs between flushes
  • Cherry tomatoes starting to ripen

Things have really taken off in the past couple weeks.  Check out the garden pathways or lack there of.

garden walkway

Here’s a new view for you.  Things are still pretty lush and full, but as we head into the heart of summer many things will soon be getting pulled (broccoli, peas, etc) and cleared out for some fall plantings.

Garden July11 View

How’s your summer treating you thus far?

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