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Recovery Day

July 10, 2011

It’s a recovery day here at Life in Green.  We had a great weekend.  Our Friday night sand volleyball team won the league tournament after a long night of playing 7 matches.  My toes were full of sand splinters by the end…ouch!

Saturday we participated in the Bar-2-Bar-bara 5 mile bike ride.  It was a hot ride but lots of fun.  Tyler was a good sport and was dared to wear this cute outfit for the whole ride – all in good fun to raise money for Huntington’s Disease Society.  Lets just say he got lots of laughs and strange looks.

Tyler - Bikini

Henry and I went for a morning walk…it was cloudy but sooo humid.  I’m not sure who sweat more.

With 100+ degree heat index expected for the afternoon I decided I better get my butt out into the garden.  Been so busy the last week that it’s been a bit neglected.  You can tell by the 800 lbs of green beans I picked. 

Garden Harvest

I made some progress out there pulling weeds and picking squash bug eggs of the zucchini.  But the air was so thick I’m sure I could cut it with my rusty garden pruners…I decided to come into the cool house. 

Of course everyone else already had the right idea.

Henry laying on cold floor

Just chillin’ – its hard work wearing a bikini.

Tyler on Couch

This guy always lays around though.  Meet Jag.   The pain in my side :).


Of course the weekend was too short.  Back to work tomorrow.

How was your weekend?


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