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Missing Flowers

July 7, 2011

This growing season has been so heavily focused on my new kitchen garden that unfortunately flowers really didn’t get much attention.  

Honestly I would die to have a backyard just stocked full of perennials.  Look at how sweet this is. 

Garden inspiration from BHG

photo from

Most years I have a nice little patch of zinnias growing near the vegetable garden that make for awesome cut flowers to display at home and my office.  This year I sowed zinnia seeds on Monday….yes this past Monday as in July 4th.  Usually a good target date to plant zinnias is June 1, as they like to be in the ground way past any threat of frost or chilly weather.  I’m a good month late to the zinnia party….and I may be cutting it pretty short to get a good crop of prettys. 

We’ll see…I’m crossing my fingers I get at least a few blooms.  

I did plant a few gladioli bulbs in the kitchen garden….no sign of blooms yet.  They usually pop out later in July. 


I have one official flower bed….its pretty small and filled with perennials including a peony, Salvia, Julia Child floribunda, tansy, Midnight Rose heuchera, Jackmanni clematis, a yellow daylily, Sedum and Moonbeam Coreopsis  I had some Dianthus that died out this winter so this year I put in Vinca for some bright color all season. 

Orchid color vinca

Right now this bed is in between most blooms….so I’m missing flowers right now.  Same with all my Knock-out roses.  Their first flush is over and they are getting reading to bud for the next wave. 

Oh and my paniculata Hydrangeas are rearing up too, but still no purty blooms there either. 

What I do have is my containers on the front porch and back deck that help add continuous color.  Though not quite as fun as cut flowers. 

In the spring my mom, grandmas and I do a garden center/greenhouse shopping marathon.  We hit up all of our favorites, which is usually around 10 different places.  Yeah we don’t mess around when it comes to flower shopping. 

This year I kept it simple out on the front porch with greens…ferns, grasses, hostas and coleus.

Coleus and hosta in container

Out back I attempted a coral theme to tie the containers together.  The corals really didn’t turn out to be the same tones, but they still look pretty good.

Salmon Impatiens.  Love this one. 

Salmon impatiens

Coral carpet rose with yellow Lantana and purple Verbena.

Flowers in COntainer

Pardon this scraggly guy.

Coral rose with blue double wave petunia

What do you have blooming right now?  How are your containers coming along? 

Help a girl get her flower fix.  Would love to see pics email me or post  pics on my Facebook page.


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