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Refreshing a Refresher

July 1, 2011

I wish you all a fabulous 4th of July Holiday.  Here’s to hoping your gardens don’t fry in this heat and you get stuffed with your favorite summertime food and drink! 

My weekend agenda includes some sand volleyball, a possible trip to the lake and probably lots of hanging outside with good food, drinks and friends. 

I’m still not sure of things I might make this weekend.  These are a few things I’m thinking about.

These baked beans are the best I’ve ever had.  Very best.

For local Iowans, Iowa Girl Eats may just have the perfect burger for us. 

For a twist on the traditional potato salad, the Backyard Red Potato Salad  I made earlier this week was pretty darn good. 

And for dessert, well this Peach & Raspberry Crumble looks pretty irresistible.

And if drinks are in your plan.

Check out these Fancy Watermelon Jello Shots.  I have to do this some time. 

Whoa and these floats are sure to please all ages. 

All these watermelon beverages inspired me to try a twist on the usual gin and tonic that’s a household favorite here at Life in Green.  It’s a more refreshing take on an already refreshing drink. 

Watermelon Gin & Tonic

Gin (we prefer Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire)

Tonic water or club soda

Watermelon juice



To prepare the watermelon juice:

Blend a quarter of a large watermelon until smooth.  Drain through a mesh strainer to catch all the leftover mush.  I used my sifter and it worked like a charm.  Makes approximately 2 cups of juice.

foamy watermelon juice

For one serving drink:

Over ice, pour one part gin, two parts watermelon juice, and one to two parts tonic water.  Top with lime and fresh mint. 

Watermelon Gin & Tonic

Easy idea to make a plain ‘ol drink special for the holidays. 

So pretty too.  You could even add some blueberries for a more festive take.

Watermelon Gin & Tonic with mint and lime

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

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  1. Stacy Antisdel permalink
    July 1, 2011 3:37 pm

    Ok so I’m going to make these beans tmrw. We are going to attempt some Jamaican Jerk Chicken and I think this would be a nice side dish. Thanks for the recipe!!

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