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June 28, 2011


Herbs with an H-sound, as I like to say.  I don’t know why but I think its fun to say herb with a non-silent ‘h’.   I swear…it’s fun. 


Anyways.  Herbs are easy.  

Anyone can grow herbs.  You don’t need much space and any container will do… you just need adequate sunshine and water.  And for being such a simple thing to grow, they can make a BIG impact on your food.  The scent, the flavor, the color…all such great additions to any meal you prepare.  Just a little chop and you can easily take a good meal to a great meal.

This year I’m really trying to utilize my fresh grown herbs more than ever and add them to every meal (dinner at least).  So I’ll be sharing various ideas in which you can add herbs.  Hopefully it will inspire you to use more in your cooking and share your tasty herb creations with the rest of us!

Curly Parsley

Summer means grilling.  And grilling always means lots of burgers.  I have to let you know I’m not totally crazy about burgers…they can get so boring.  I only want a burger if I have cheese and some quality toppings to throw on. 

Monday nights always seem to be burger night around here.  I suppose it’s an easy meal for the first workday of the week.  So to jazz last night’s hamburgers up, I picked 4 herbs to add into the patties. 

And was sure to through a sprig of thyme into my G&T – herbs are a great addition to drinks.   

Herbs & Gin & Tonic 





Curly parsley

I chopped up the four different herbs.  Since parsley is the mildest in flavor (IMO), I used a little more of it and a little less of the oregano, thyme and chives.  No need to measure just go with what looks good to you.  Obviously the more you include, the stronger the flavor. 

Then I threw the chopped herbs into the ground beef (locally grown of course) and mixed thoroughly with some S&P and garlic powder. 

A few minutes on the grill for each side and my herb burgers were ready for a slice of havarti. I toasted the bun right on the grill and topped the burger with some lettuce and onion from the garden.

Loads of flavor! 

I’ll be doing this to many of my future burgers…experimenting with different herb combos.

In other news….this guy’s doing great.  We have started short walks, increasing a block each night.  He even chased a tom cat off the front porch yesterday morning in a full sprint :).

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  1. June 28, 2011 4:15 pm

    I love fresh basil myself. I put it in practically EVERYTHING, my favorite being eggs. It is so delicious and flavorful. Thanks for the ideas!

    • June 28, 2011 4:41 pm

      I’ve never had basil with eggs….sounds like a good combo. Basil is definitely a good addition if you want lots of flavor. I like its spicy thing its got going on.


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