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Three-Legged Dog

June 21, 2011

Ok so I don’t mean this three-legged dog pose.  Sorry had to reference the yoga…just got home from class!

Three Legged Down Dog pose

It’s this 3-legged dog.

Black Labradoodle with bandage

Henry is getting around like a champ.  He’s mastered the three leg jaunt quite nicely.  While I feel for him….I can’t help but giggle each time his big ears flap up and down as he hobbles along. 

He went in for a new bandage yesterday and everything is healing very well.  I’m looking forward to getting back to our walks, although I have a feeling it will be more like running with his good-as-new paw and weeks of built up energy.

I’m off to a birthday party for my nephew.  Happy Birthday tomorrow Wyatt, love you!!!

We’ll be having some carry out pizza.  Last night was homemade pizza. Doesn’t that always happen, you have pizza several days in a row?  I needed another excuse to use up some kale from the garden….made a great addition to a mushroom & pepperoni pizza.  I always use Pioneer Woman’s pizza crust recipe and make it at least a day in advance. 

Hoping to get back in the garden…and the kitchen later this week!


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